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Beste kunstwereld, 

Exhibition text for 'Beste kunstwereld,' at Lichtekooi Artspace, Antwerp BE
[April 2021]

Beste kunstwereld, [Dear art world,], a group exhibition devoted to the context of the art world. The invited artists reflect on the various factors and stakeholders, ranging from the commercial circuit to the art world’s institutional framework and crowd. With works by Marcel Broodthaers, Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier, Jacques Charlier, Vaast Colson, Zoé Couppé, Ian De Weerdt, Olivia Hernaïz, Christian Jankowski, Hannah Kalaora, Lee Lozano, Yemo Park, Jasper Rigole, Stijn ter Braak and Various Artists. 
With this exhibition, Lichtekooi aimed to examine the art world and its inner workings – of which it will itself become a part – from an artist’s perspective.
Curated by Nadia Bijl, Pepa De Maesschalck and Vedran Kopljar. 
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